We are Winnipeg. We don’t hibernate, we celebrate. Like the voyageurs of the fur trade, we persevere in the harshest prairies winter weather conditions. We know when to roll up our sleeves and get to work, but we also know when to put on our warmest mukluks and head down to the river for Caribou in an ice glass. When the rivers freeze, we park the canoes and take out the snowshoes. We don’t shy away from cold weather, we embrace it and celebrate the best of what winter gives us.

The Festi-Bar is a pop-up ice bar located in The Forks historic port on the Assiniboine River and operated by Festival du Voyageur. It’s located inside Pavilion Sub Zero, a temporary installation part of The Forks Warming huts program.




    The Festi-Bar is a pop-up ice bar located in The Forks historic port on the Assiniboine River. We don’t even have an address, we’re literally located on a frozen river.

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    About Pavilion Sub-Zero

    Pavilion Sub-Zero features a shimmering, colourful cloud floating above performers and audience members in The Forks Historic Port, the heart of the Red River Mutual Trail. With feature performances by invited artist Terje Isungset and members of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Pavilion Sub-Zero celebrates ephemeral qualities of the frozen river scape, through live performances, and the opportunity be together.

    A tensile structure supports “the cloud” of screens that animate the entire space with colours and varying levels of luminance creating an infinite array of patterns on the ground. Loosely based on the traditional star blanket, the cables will define the space in which visitors can enjoy a variety of performances and even perhaps enjoying a beverage from the adjoining venue for the Festival du Voyageur.

    Continuing in the tradition of collaborating with artists from around the world, this year’s pavilion will feature and ice bar and sculptures created by renowned ice architect Luca Roncoroni, as well as performances for the opening night of Winnipeg New Music Festival by Terje Isungset who will perform on instruments made from Red River ice. The ice sculpture gallery and bar will be protected from the damaging rays of bright Manitoba sunshine by the cloud floating above.

    The project is being developed by Sputnik Architecture with students and faculty at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture.