International Snow Sculpture Symposium

Festival du Voyageur’s International Snow Sculpting Symposium gives sculptors from around the world the opportunity to express themselves in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation, through a short- lived art medium that has evolved over many generations. Each team is asked to create a piece of art out of a simple block of snow measuring 3m x 3.7m x 3.7m (10’ x 12’ x 12’), inspired by their experience at Festival du Voyageur or simply guided by their own imagination.

Applications for the 2020 Festival will open in September 2019. Sign up to be notified.

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2018 participating teams

Germany and Ontario

Team: Geertje Jacob, Christian Reif, Damon Dowbak & Walter Kuch
Sculpture: Bird on a Wire
*Double sculpture

The fragile structures of snow have much in common with origami paper sculptures. 
Is it possible to show lightness in snow? An experiment that plays around with public space and interaction of visitors as well. This new initiative between the 2 teams show off the International aspect of the Symposium, and strength in the International community of artists at the Festival du Voyageur. The cooperation of two teams and two sculptures is a challenge initiated by the teams themselves and an artistic hopefully fruitful experiment.


Team: Franziska Agrawal, Jodine Leigh & Mark Schram 
Sculpture: Frame 2 – Barra Series

Agrawal’s work is attributed to the distinct principle of concrete art and geometry. The objects play with statics, size and center of gravity and are created out of the most transitory material of nature: water in its solid aggregate state. Agrawal’s work subject is neither form nor figure; the sculpture shows something without similarities. The art of the sculpture lies in the geometric and graphical creation of order that creates form, surface and volume. It is a balancing act of the structure, which can only exist when its fragile material is in entire equilibrium. Agrawal’s accompanying photographs are recordings of these monumental works in this one moment of perfection, before the natural decay takes its run.

France, Germany & Corsica

Team: Fabien Champeval, Friederike Schroth, David Marchelli & Arnaud Roblet
Sculpture: Convergences

Convergence is an abstract piece that showcases straight and wavy shapes that develop around a center of gravity.


Manitoba – Steinbach

Team: Lyle Peters, Garry Funk, Jac & Seth Heinrich
Sculpture: Colossal

A partially carved Coliseum in Rome using the space remaining in the foreground to include a large Roman statue. 

Manitoba – Winnipeg

Team: Neil Fogg, Allan Fogg & Jacques Boulet
Sculpture: Snowflake in an Embrace

On their own, snowflakes are fragile in structure. Strength comes from many individual particles, reorganized and pressed. Many snowflakes embracing to make one big one.


Team: Antoine Kalle, Suzan Kalle & Suat Ögüt
Sculpture: Composition with White Pumpkins

Autumn is the time for pumpkins. As I saw these white pumpkins, the inspiration to give them more of a presence came out spontaneously. These nice forms of nature need a statue!


Team: Theressa Wright, Terry Ouellette & Carole Dagenais
Sculpture: Polar Hunters

The biggest threat for Arctic life is not the polar bear, but it is the decreasing polar icecap that threatens the ecosystem, which endangers all who live there.

Team Snow Art