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FEBRUARY 15 & FEBRUARY 19 to 22, 2019

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The Festival du Voyageur Great-West Life School Program, through its many workshops and activities, offers your students a front row ticket to a unique and customized learning experience that revolves around the historic character of the voyageur and their day-to-day life. Activities are open to all school levels and are offered in french and english.

Consult the program guide to choose from our 30 programs and 8 free activities. Registration opens on October 3rd at 8 a.m.

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    30 workshops and 8 free activities!

    2019 program guide

    Customize your field trip and choose the programs that correspond to the learning objectives of your class.

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    Host the official voyageurs for a class presentation
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    Monique Olivier

    Heritage & Education Programs Manager
    [email protected]
    Tel. : (204) 258-2567

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    Colin Mackie

    Heritage & Education Programs Director
    [email protected]
    Tel. : (204) 258-2566


    The Great-West Life School Program offers students an educational voyage to an important era in Western Canada’s history, the fur trade.

    We invite you and your students to experience this rich and exciting period through a range of activities designed to educate first grade to Grade 12 students about the dramatic lives of the Voyageurs, at work and at play – and these explorers’ contributions to the settlement of the West.

    Like our country, Great-West Life was built by those with adventurous hearts and pioneering spirits. We’ve grown and prospered with Manitoba since 1891, when our nation-wide business was founded here.

    We are proud to be associated with a Winnipeg winter tradition, the 2019 Festival du Voyageur.

    Bon Festival!


    Discover Festival du Voyageur and other great Winnipeg attractions. Please contact us for more information about accomodations.